About ‘What If’

The ‘What If’ capability allows the user to explore the effect of modifying school parameters, i.e. enrollments, births, capacities, grades structure etc.—and assess how these changes effect the projected enrollments for each of the next five years?

DEPS allows the user to copy the current enrollment profile, change the parameters, quickly perform the analysis and then save (or delete) the results. The time it takes to run reports – seconds.

The steps in creating ‘WHAT IF’ alternative enrollment profile are described on the WHAT IF menu.

As a practical example, typically only provisional birth data is available for the current and past year. Using both a high and a low birth estimate, you can create ‘WHAT IF’ alternate profiles, project enrollments and assess the results.

These ‘WHAT IF’ alternate profiles can also include closing a school, rebalancing enrollments, Princeton Paring and more.